Tuesday, March 06, 2007

This won't be a review of Diddy's album 'Press Play' because I'm really not a reviewer but what I am is a music lover and I felt compiled to say something.
I had a first listen of 'Press Play' a while back and I wasn't so impressed, not to say I'm really impressed right now with the whole album but there are some songs that require a five star rating. My favourite being 'Last Night' featuring Keisha Cole. I actually really heard it last night while doing the dishes and I was moved, literary moved to dance with the mop. The beat of that song is infectious, it gets you to do things you would not normally do, for example, I'm not an exercise person but I swear I was doing aerobics moves in the form of dancing.
I do enjoy some other tracks from the album meanly 'Come To me' featuring Nicole Scherzinger the only singer in the PussyCat dolls group and 'Tell Me' with Christina Aguilera. I'm sure they will be other singles that will come out of this album and I'd be "that's cool" but 'Last Night' is going to be my favourite track this year. I wish it had made the rounds this summer but I'm sure it was released now for the American summer, but it doesn't matter, will chase the winter blues in the dancefloor moving to the techno beat of the song. I won't say that this album is Hip-Hop or dance but it is instead a huge melting pot of all genres of music placed together in a 19 track album.
To describe his album, Diddy had this to say:
"Press Play is based on all my musical experiences - from the Uptown era, when I was working with Jodeci, Mary J. Blige, and Heavy D...to the Biggie, 112, Mase, Total, and No Way Out era. As time evolved, and I started traveling around the world and going into dance and techno clubs, I began to see music from a global point of view. It all came together on Press Play, all those sounds in my head. I've evolved, studied the game, been a part of it, had success. It all comes down to press play. After you press play, it's gonna make or break you in this game."
Unfortunately the only weakness to this album is Diddy himself. The man cannot rap to save himself and his lyrics are laughable. In order to enjoy any of his songs one has to tune out his rapping and concentrate on the beat and the guest star. Diddy is a genius when it comes to producing and knowing a great beat but when it comes to rapping/singing he really should retire.

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