Thursday, March 29, 2007

So yesterday I went and watched 300 and I wasn't disappointed. From the beginning to the last scene, this movie kept me enthralled throughout without any boring moments.

It made me say 'wow, what happened to all the real men?' but afterwards I felt bad because really, what is a real man and does having a 6 peck and being mad to love war make a person a real man? No it doesn't, but it was fun to watch what men thought real men should do and act in times of war and uncertainty also it was just entertainment for an hour and a half.

Also what I liked about this film was the characters of women. The women of Sparta were not weaklings who had to be defended but women who could talk to the same level as men, who's words were taken to be important and who were capable to fight as well as the next men, albeit in other ways of cause. The Spartan men were also very gorgeous in this film, if I had been a Spartan woman I would have been very happy indeed. The Spartans were portrayed as the perfect nation; strong, beautiful, brave and the Persians, well I could see what the Arabs were complaining about but in the end you have to have the hero and the villain and Persians were really dark villains who used black magic, deformed human monsters and evil animals to fight the handful Spartans and the Spartans defeated them all but in the end it was betrayal that defeated the 300 Spartans.

I also heard some perfect quotes from these movie. Here are a couple of my favourites:

Spartans! Ready your breakfast and eat hearty, for tonight we dine in Hell!

After Xerxes offered to make Leonidas Warlord of his Empire, if he would only kneel before him] Wow. That is generous. But you see, there is a problem. After slaughtering so many of your men today, I've got an awful cramp in my leg [stretches] and thus kneeling will be difficult.

If you have watched the film and loved the dialogue as much as me then you can go here for some more great quotes.

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