Thursday, December 21, 2006

Sean Paul feat. Santana - Cry baby Cry

I know this video is a bit old but I just had to blog my favourite song in the new Santana album. Santana rocks!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Went to watch The Holiday last Sunday, and well what can I say, it was just a typical romance. I at least thought it well be hilarious because Jack Black is on it but I think I kinda smiled once or twice. I did shake my head a lot at how totally unrealistic it is. With this movie you really have to leave your head at the door.
One thing that really annoyed me was the Cameron and Jude Law story. Came on! Who in their right minds like seeing two genetically blessed peeps getting it on? It was nauseating. I'm really not a Jude Law fan, but I have to admit that that man is beautiful.
The story that I could sit through without fidgeting and feeling sick was the Kate and Jack story. Jack feels and looks more real then Jude and Kate was fantastic as Iris, the jilted English girl.
All in all, it's a movie that one can only survive seeing once.

SNL - Homelessville

Justin is actually funny in this skit.

Friday, December 15, 2006

It's that time of the year when shops are fill to capacity and people are spending money that they don't have. Yes folks, it's the Holidays. I really don't like Christmas and every time it nears December my body always tenses up. I guess it has to do with my hatred for Christmas songs. Every where you go that is ALL you hear and it makes me want to scream and tear down some Christmas trees. But alas, there is nothing I can do except say Merry Christmas.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

It was with mixed feelings when I heard the judgement from the Basarwa versus Government case. I can understand the Basarwas need to go back to the place where they grew up, but when that place has nothing to offer you anymore I wonder if it is a good idea and ain't they being just a tad bit foolish.

When the Basarwas heard the judgement they were dancing and singing, but I wonder if it has sunk in yet that, yes they can go back, but Government doesn't have to give them the services that they have gotten used to. In the end, in my opinion, The Botswana Government has won. They are not obliged to help the Basarwas in CKGR. They don't even have to pay for they legal fees and bare in mind this court case has been going on for years and most of these people don't have jobs.

Baswaras will greatly suffer if they don't get Government's help. The CKGR is in a desert area where there is little or no water. The next town is extremely far for people to go and buy food and other necessities. It is really in the middle of nowhere and the fact that SI was fighting to return these people to nothing really boils my blood. Who knows what stories they were told by these organisation when the case was still on. Now they are going to have to face the consequences. The Government was simply trying to bring Basarwas closer to bigger towns where they could enjoy the services given to every Motswana. Because they were so far, bring those services to them was very costly. Since the Government provides free ARV treatment to every HIV sufferer, pays for school from primary to tietery level for every Motswana, you would see why they needed to reduce cost where they could, while bringing Basarwa closer to social developments.

Prior to the relocation, Government provided services like food rations, water, health facilities and transportation of children to and from school outside the reserve and these services cost government more than P55 000 per month and now these services are gone with the government not obliged to restore them to the residents of CKGR. So how pry tell SI would the Basarwas survive without those government hand-outs?

The Basarwas lawyer, Gordon Bennett, said that the Basarwas should decide,even if it meant resuming a 'simple existence as hunter-gatherers'. WHAT!!! In this day and age, does he really think that people could survive and make something of themselves through that existence? How would they take their kids to school if they can't pay for a bus? How would they afford necessities without money? I mean they is NO money and improvement in life by being a hunter-gatherer. They only thing is being a spectacle for Western tourist.

Roy Sesana,the leader in this case and the fellow in bed with SI was extremely happy about the result. But he doesn't even live in the CKGR. Thanks to the pounds given to him by SI, he has a lovely expensive car and a huge house in the capital city Gaborone and his children are driven to expensive English medium schools in Gaborone. He doesn't even know what it is like waiting for water at the reserve and he said he was happy for 'his people'. How is he going to help 'his people' get food, water or access to health facilities when he only thinks about them when it comes to putting his face in papers and travelling to places like London and USA.

The Government announced last night that the residents moving back to the CKGR will have to apply for special permits to kill wildlife. People moving in and out of the reserve will have to apply for permits. Animals, like cattle are not permitted to move in or out of the reserve. You have to get permission to bring water into the reserve. And only people of the CKGR are permitted to come into the CKGR. So really what victory did they receive?

Mr Bennett said that the Basarwas were not really interested in Government services but I wonder if that would still be the case when they arrive to nothing.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I never thought I was a romantic at heart. I always assumed that I was very critical when it came to things of the heart, but recently after spending most of my time watching clips of my all time favourite movie on youtube, I realised that I believed in romance and, dare I say it, a soulmate.
Kuch kuch hota hai is that movie. A bollywood movie that was a massive in 1998. My friends and I used to spend our Saturdays at the TV room at hostel watching this movie with my friend Shreya translating it for us. We must have watched it four or five times.
It's a movie about unrequited love that is finally returned in the end. I know most of you will sneer at this, but some of us who have been through the heartache of unrequited love, it's nice to dream that one day that love will be returned. My one-sided love happened in my finally year of undergraduate study. Instead of focusing on my studies, I spend nights pining, if that's the word, for a person who only thought of me as a friend. Gosh how sad, even thinking about it now pains the heart. But that's the great thing about movies. You could always lose yourself in fantasy when reality seems so harsh.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai Sad

I was ecstatic to find this scene in youtube. This is my favourite movie of all time. This scene just kills me I just had to blog it. These two actors are the best in Bollywood and putting them together in a movie is a sure way of getting a hit.

While I was out shopping on Saturday afternoon, I happened to pass a trendy teenager wearing a cap bearing Che Guevara's image . Now this trend of wearing t-shirts or caps bearing this image has been something that has bothered me since the days of University. Most of the people who have worn his image are (I'm assuming) people who have no idea who he is and what he stood for. In University, the kids were all from wealthy families who drove the latest car and the t-shirt (with his face) cost an arm and a leg.
Now I'm not saying I'm against their wealth, but against the way this trend seems to belittle the ideals that this man fought and died for. Che Guevara died fighting capitalism and now his very face is used to sell everything under the sun e.g. CDs, swatches, beer, keychains, rafts and believe it or not ice-cream. One company slapped the likeness of Che's image on an ice-cream stick called Cherry Guevara. The copy on the wrapper read:'The revolutionary struggle of the cherries was squashed as they were trapped between two layers of chocolate. May their memory live on in your mouth.' If that's not blunt disregard of one man's struggle than I don't know what is.
The image that they slap on almost anything was from a picture taken at a rally in Cuba, organized to protest an explosion in Havana harbor in which more than 100 people died in early March 1960. Che never spoke at the protest but he stood on the podium to show his support. Now that stance of defiance is sold as something kitch. The Washingtonpost, while writing a report on this phenomenon, asked the sites that sold his image why Che was so popular and they replied: 'He's a rebel, and along with rebel comes the cool factor and trendiness'. Well never mind his cause!
It's really sad that the world could take this man who gave everything up to fight the injustice that he saw and make him into a 'rebel without a cause.'

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

It was very disheartening to read in news24 this morning about this poor little girl who was burned in the hands by her parents.

The news site wrote that the little girl, aged five, had never even received toys or gifts in her life. Her mother and stepfather had thought she had stolen 30 cents, just 30 cents and had forced her to put her hands on a hotplate and then hit her while her hands were still on the hotplate.

The police received an anonymous phone call about a girl walking around with burns on her hands. The police reported that the bandages found on her where put on by the neighbours and not even the parents. Can you believe it! The neighbours knew about this and probably all the other abuses and never even called the police, and the one person who did was not even brave enough to leave a name. When the police found her the wounds on her hands were already going septic and was taken to the hospital. While at the hospital, she told them that her parents beat her all the time.

There is another news story in news24 about a murder of a four year old boy by the lover of his mother. The mother and her lover were sentenced for his death last week.

I know you can't temper with any one's right to being a parent but they are just some people who should not be allowed to be parents. I don't understand how someone can stand to see her child in pain, a pain caused by them. Obviously the girl's parents knew that what they had done was wrong because they didn't take her to the hospital.

In the other case, both murderers were women so you can't say that a woman is more nurturing and loving, or that she can't control what a man does to her children, but it's all bull. The hatred that one can have for one's child is very mind-boggling.

I sometimes wonder after reading about child abuse, what we can do as a society to stop this. I for one believe that first of all the neighbours were also abusing the girl because they knew about the abuse and they did nothing about it. If we as a society stand up and act when we see abuse and stop the parents or parent then that would be a stepping stone to ridding society of this evil. Also I think, and I know that this will probable be controversy, that parents who have been proven to be abusers should never be allowed to be parents again. Either to the abused child and to other unborn children. I believe this behaviour comes from within them and will never go away so children should never be raised by them.

According to tmz, Beyonce and Jay 'the man' are getting married this weekend. Apparently it is a birthday party (for Jay-z) /wedding.
Guests were told to pack passports for partying in a yacht (lucking them) in St. Barts and then a wedding at Tony resort Cap Juluca in Anguilla.
Gosh, what I would give to have a wedding in some Island resort. But of coz I need to find a man first. Jay-z may be the 'greatest rapper in the world' but those lips...Beyonce you're a brave woman.