Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ciara - Like A Boy (Music Video)

First I have to start by saying Ciara really likes her name and always has to say it like someone would forget that they're listening to Ciara.

Ok, that's out of my chest so I can now say 'I LOVE THIS SONG'. I think it's subject is something that ALL girls could relate to. Sometimes guys do things and we're like 'WHAT! What's he thinking?' And if we did the same thing he'd be MAD as hell and won't get over it but they would expect us to just accept it and move on.

That's why I like it when she says 'can't be getting mad, what you're mad, can't handle that' because they can't..Handle that is.

I also love the dancing, it's really cool especially when she's doing that bending thing..That rocks!

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