Monday, November 13, 2006

Yesterday I was watching THS investigates on E! Entertainment and they were discussing anorexia and bulimia among young women and men. It was interesting because they started off with the trend in Hollywood of actress being extremely thin and how this could affect the average American. But of cause they couldn't say for sure that there is a causal link between thin celebrities and an increase in eating disorders in America.

I say that the recent trend of celebrities being so thin that you could count their rib cage is extremely disturbing. Of cause, young women look up to these women because they are being hailed as 'IT' in the media. The media will show a picture of an emaciated celebrity and go 'oooh' and 'ahh' and 'how great they look now they lost how many pounds' that makes you sick. When the celebrity gets to a point where the media themselves can't agree with the way she looks, they trash her and tell her to eat something. Forgetting that they encouraged her to begin with.

We have to admit that we as women do not look the same. We have different body shapes. Why are we then trying to all look like stick figures? It was amazing to read about how many celebrities have eating disorders and how some of them died because of it. But I wasn't surprised. If you were always on the spotlight with zoom lens on your cellulite wouldn't you stop eating? So I guess I'm saying the blame partly lays with the media, the media that idolises 'thinness' and unattainable beauty. The media that always tells us how to dress, how to wear make-up, how to loss weight and doesn't celebrate the greatness that is diverse humanity.
The other blame I put squarely with designers. Why do they make dress sizes of 00 and 2 when they know that is ludicrous? Today I read a heartbreaking statement from Ana Coralina Reston's mother who lost her daughter to complications caused by Anorexia. She was a 21 year old model who starved herself to wear beautiful cloths and walk down a runway. Apparently the fashion world is trying to stop this by enforcing a certain weight on models but I think the designers will then take their designs to celebrities, I mean they are more then willing to stop eating. I mean look at Kate Bosworth. She had such a health looking athlete built in 'blue crush' and now she looks like her arm will come off if you just happened to grab it. It's really sad. And the fact that they don't get that impressionable kids are copying them, is even more depressing. I sometimes wonder how we can stop this trend, but has long as designers and the media work hand in hand in praising this phenomenon, then it will never end and we will keep having young women and men die trying to look good.

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