Wednesday, November 08, 2006

So, it really is over? TMZ has reported that Reese has filed divorce papers against her hubby, Ryan Phillippe. The couple were married for seven long years (which is a pretty long time in Hollywood) after meeting at Reese's 21st birthday party.
Reese is asking for joint legal custody for their two children, with her being the primary caretaker. What is it with Hollywood and divorce? It's like a long happy marriage is an unknown thing to them. Marriage is about compromise, you give and receive. Actors are so used to receiving they don't know how to give (emotionally).
They say it's the Oscar curse. Women who have won Oscars end up being divorced months later. Well, I say, what does that say about the men? So shallow they can't even be happy for their wives? Or do the women turn around and throw the Oscar winning in their faces? 'Well I have the statue, what do you have? Look at your career, might as well stay home and look after the children.' (looking after children is something women did for centuries, why can't they?) Well, I guess we'll never know what really happened. It's just sad though. Rumours are that Ryan had(or is having ) an affair. You know how it is, rumours always turn out to be fact in Hollywood.

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