Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Wow, what is it with couples breaking up now dayz? First we hear that the golden couple of Hollywood is separating (Reese and Ryan), and now Britney Spears has filed for divorce from her hubby, Kevin Federline.
From what I can gather, Britney caught Kevin by surprise by filing the papers. I bet he didn't see the gravy train leaving the station so soon especially now that his album is a totally bomb (not in a good way). It's reported that after filing the papers, Britney went celebrating by ice skating. I guess she was imaging skating away from Federline's greedy clutches. That marriage was weird from the very beginning. I'm even surprised it lasted this long. It's just sorry that there is two children involved in this whole mess.
Talking about the children, Britney wants sole custody which is something Federline is planning to fight (with what I wonder? He has no money!).
Can you image being 24 and twice divorced? That Britney sure is a busy woman.
Justin was right when he sang "What goes around...Comes around". Wonder what he thinks? Probably laughing while he is cleaning up his EMA awards.

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