Wednesday, November 22, 2006

What a week I have been having. My chauffeur (my mother) has taken some days of work and now I have to deal with the dreaded public transport.
Having to wake up an hour early, I have had to gain some education when it came to the transport jungle. Upon arriving at the bus stop, you have to stand in front of the masses of people waiting for the same thing (a mode of transport that can safely transport them to their workplaces), and the impatience is engraved in their faces to having to wait for so long. The standing in front enables you to grab the first vehicle, either it be a private car or the bus , before you are crashed by the wave of people desperate to get in.
The mode of transport that everyone fights for are the private cars. The private cars are fast, comfortable and don't smell of burned diesel so I have learned that when you have managed to wave one down make sure you are in a position to make a sprint to the door and have your elbows up so that nobody is able to hip-bump you out of the way. When you have successfully opened the door and managed to squeeze yourself in, then you can relax and take a breather to the workplace.
Never had going to work been such a hassle, I'm so knackered from the early morning battle of arms that I'm ready for a holiday. What I would give for a warm ocean breeze and colourful drinks at my disposal.

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