Friday, January 12, 2007

Zimbabwean police are losing their minds, that's if they had any to begin with. According to, the Zimbabwean police are refusing to return a consignment of sanitary pads to farm workers. They suspect a plot to reduce the fertility of rural Zimbabweans by poisoning them through the pads.

I mean really, who would have thought that sanitary pads could be used as a secret weapon. What a load of bull! The 81 packs of sanitary pads were confiscated at a roadblock last month. These packs are valued at about Z$129 000 and were given to the farm workers by an NGO.

I had read about this coalition that helped Zimbabwean women with pads because sanitary towels are so expensive in Zimbabwe, women end up using sticks, rags, newspapers to stop the menstrual flow. The woman who started the NGO, started it when she saw a woman walking in the street with her period running down her leg. She couldn't afford anything so she went without.

It's bad enough that women have to go through periods and now these poor Zimbabwean women have to deal with cramps and the fact that they can't afford to buy pads to deal with the flow. Now the Zimbabwean Government seems to be going out of it's way to stop NGOs helping these women. Apparently the male ministers were going on in Parliament saying that the women should show them how they use the pads. Can you imagine!

A march is organised at Trafalgar Square in London on the 10th of March to raise awareness about this crisis. To men, it may mean nothing but to women it deals with self-respect and dignity, we really must all unite against this travesty. The march is organised by Action for Southern Africa and The Zimbabwean Congress of Trade Unions(ZCTU) under the campaign Dignity!Period.

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