Thursday, January 25, 2007

It's the award season again and the Oscar nominations have been announced.
I had expected Leo DiCaprio's name to appear in the Best Actor category but not for Blood Diamond. I mean what were they thinking? His acting in The Departed was much more better then in Blood Diamond. It's like the Denzel Washington thing again when he won the Oscar for the worst film ever, Training Day. I felt that they had given it to him because they had sidelined him for all the other better films he had made and so it was a consolation prize, while with Leo the nomination is for the 'movie with a message'.
Maybe this time the Oscar peeps can give Martin Scorsese what he's due and give him the Best Director award.


Minha said...

Lindiwe its great to read this stuff... almost like were back in cape town chilling in the flats and discussing it live! aww i miss those days!

Minha said...

almost like i can hear you talking!