Friday, January 26, 2007

In my struggle to get a permanent job (which I need for benefits like medical aid, insurance, not fearful of getting fired out of the blue) I have been wondering about my choice of degree. Sure I enjoyed the many many courses under my film and media degree, I mean who wouldn't enjoy watching films while others are being bored to death listening to monotone lecturers? My workload consists of watching TV shows like Generations, Backstage, Isidingo for research. Reading magazines and newspapers were considered very important reading material and now I'm wondering if I'm paying off for all the fun I had.

I've heard that many peeps from my class have ended up working for radio stations as DJs and I wonder if that is my only option. By the way, I have applied for radio jobs and that hasn't been fruitful either. My lack of job opportunities has really got me worried and I wonder if I should have done Bcom instead (ha, ha me as an accountant is really funny). If you have been unemployed for a year even working as a statician isnt so bad.

Well, people (my mom) say I mustn't give up, some people have been unemployed for 2 years before they found anything. Yeah, and that is suppose to make me feel better. But, alas, maybe they're right. I should sit back and smell the roses while I still can, thankfully, smelling roses is still free.


Sindie said...


Have You actually tried to find a job you love in another part of the world. You know very well that the Bots media sector is lacking and it's not exactly dishing out jobs to fresh young talent coz they need to keep the dinosaurs for Gov and other nonesense spread of self promoting propaganda. So Get off your toosh, stop complaining and get online and applying! I think your choice of career was excellent but given the current state of the employment sector, it wasn't the wisest choice for Bots, unless you weren't planning on actually living there in the first place. Give it a few more years and I am sure they will find a place for you in their over saturated offices with no real talent, no job descriptions and reproduced, stolen and un-creative journalism.

Saludos mi amor!

unathi said...

Couldn't agree more. As much as it might seem like a ridiculous career decision - it isn't. Accounts, the sciences and all other mindnumbing studies are being saturated by black kids and others who've been pressured by their parents.

Meanwhile, media industries are still not meeting racial quotas or even reflecting any reasonable back talents. Hold on - you made the right career choice, now focus on boosting your CV and skills in the many areas of the media... It's going to pay-off, once you leave Botz though...