Wednesday, January 03, 2007

On New Year's eve I went to watch 'The Departed' and what a great send off to 2006. This past year movies have really sucked and I was wondering where it was all heading, but thank God for Martin Scorsese because he reminded me why I love movies in the first place. This movie is...fantastic!
I first fell in love with Martin's movies when I had to watch 'Taxi Driver' for a varsity course and 'The Departed' is a returned to that kind of storytelling. Not only is the screenwriting top notch but so is the acting and the casting was brilliant.
The film is based on a Hong Kong gangster movie, which in Scorsese's version centers on two Irish cops in Boston. Leonardo Dicaprio plays Billy Costigan who goes undercover to bust Irish mob boss Frank Costello (Jack Nicholson) and Matt Damon plays Colin Sullivan the cop who is Costello's snitch.
What I loved about this movie was the way it centred on the psychological damage that happens when someone loses their identity when pretending to be someone they are not. Leo and Matt deserve awards for their performance in this movie, but then again who doesn't deserve to receive something for being involved in this masterpiece?
If Martin doesn't win an Oscar for this movie then I'll never buy into them again.

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Unathi said...

I hav the attention span of a 5-year-old but I managed to sit through The Departed's three or more hour duration (worth it - wish it was longer!).

They all deserve Oscars - I haven't seen something like that in ages. But I somehow think the movie might appeal more to the trained eye (Film graduates/practitioners) as there's a lot to appreciate & learn... Martin rocks!