Monday, December 17, 2012

Obama-vigi for Sandy Hook victims


US President Barack Obama yesterday addressed the community of Newtown Connecticut where he expressed his condolences and grief over the killing of 26 people, 20 being children under the age of 10. In his speech President Obama said the tragedies of mass killings by guns must end but he never made a firm commitment on controlling guns in America. Since then debates of gun control have dominated mainstream media in the US but from what I gather from the debates, even though people are horrified by the actions of Adam Lanza, Americans do not want to let go of their guns. Though they see the damage that guns do within their society, they still cling tightly to them. To me, being an outsider I find this strange. How do they believe that having more than one gun in a household leads to safety? How does having automatic guns lead to their freedom to hunt. I think that somewhere the whole 'right to bare arms' in their constititution has gone out of control. And until the American people and their politicians rise up, more people could continue losing their lives to guns. When Mr Obama goes back to the White House, he must remember the words he said that change is needed to end the tragedies of mass killings.

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