Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ghana opposition to contest poll results


Ghana opposition leader Nana Akufo-Addo
It is a sad fact that elections hardly go smoothly in Africa. Ghana, an African country that most regard as a stable and democratic is going through a shaky moment. The main opposition party, the New Patriotic Pary-NPP is rejecting the results from Friday's elections.Even when the Independent Electoral Commission and international poll observers said the elections were credible, free and fair, NPP thinks otherwise. It has declared, through it's chairperson Jake Obestsebi Lamptey that the party will contest the election results in court. Though considering how other African countries have had riots and civil war when opposition parties do not accept elections, going through court is very democratic. And it is their right.But I just don't figure out how they are the only ones that think that the results are fraudulant. Poll observers (local and international) and Ghanians themselves (other than NPP party members) accept that the results are true. As  African Union (AU) commission chairman, Benin's President Thomas Yayi Boni said,let's hope that this disagreement will not trigger violence in Ghana and will be resolved through democratic means.

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