Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hollywood is finally coming to our neck of the wood's. And I thought South Africa was going to be the only one that enjoyed the fruits of film making.

The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency books that are written by Alexander McCall Smith, a Scots man who fall in love with Botswana while teaching here, will be turned into a television show starring Jill Scott.

The American media has wrongly reported that the books are based in South Africa, while in actual fact they are based in Botswana, which is why the show will be filmed here. Ads for cast and crew have been in the local newspaper and a certain buzz of 'fame and fortune' has started to surround Gaborone.

I'm excited because I finally have a chance to see a real film crew working and my favourite singer, Jill Scott at the same time. If only she will do a show as well, it will make my year. Such beauty, such a voice...If I have a chance to speak to her I will ask her about the song 'Daydreaming' with Lupe.

I wonder how they are going to do the Botswana accent? Bad I'm sure as Americans have failed when it has come to South African accents in films. And ours is harder too.
When I was in Scotland I tried to read the book, but I thought the characters were too stereotypical of Batswana so I didn't enjoy it that much, but it seems that it is a hit. Who knew? But some one's bread is some one's stone I guess.
Can't wait to see how the TV series will turn out.

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