Thursday, May 03, 2007

'My Number One' Gang Of Instrumentals

They are very few good bands to come out from the Afro pop movement in South Africa. In my opinion Bongo Muffin had been the only band to really listen to and buy their music but not anymore. Gang of Instrumentals has busted into the scene with their fresh beats that hook you first before you get swept away by their strong lyrics and tight rhythms, you find yourself hitting the repeat button over and over again.

I first got introduced to them by MTVBase where their video 'Number one' has regular play. Normally I don't can't find a SA band that has such infectious beats like this group.

There is this one line that I absolutely love in Mandla's rhyme towards his 'NO. 1' and that is when he says 'had a lot of first dates, first kisses, first hugs, never did it twice till you.' Man if that is not tight, I don't know what is..This group is really a band to look out for in the future and if they carry on like this and grow for the better, then the sky is really the limit for them.

For now all I know is that they are MY number one when it comes to deciding who to bop my head to.

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Ruvi said...

Great blog, Linds!

I think that this may help me build up my music collection.