Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Spring is suddenly here and my birthday is next week. So for some badly needed relaxation I'd be heading to Toro Safari Lodge in Kasane, Botswana for some sleep and animal watching.
Though it's only for two days, I'm sure my body will love me for the rest. These past months have been hectic with a new job that just doesn't let up and some personal problems. Mind and body is tired and it shows all over.
When I knew I wanted to go away for my birthday and that I felt like a safari holiday, I looked around for a citizen-friendly holiday package to the Chobe/Okavango area, but I was disappointed as the packages were more inclined towards the foreign travellers from countries like the US and the UK. It is bloody expensive to travel in my own country and the only affordable holiday is to camp and I HATE camping. I want a bed, a nice clean bathroom and a restaurant with a chef. I know, I'm spoilt but what can I say... It's what I want.
So to get that I had to really dig in my pockets and being in public service, the pockets won't that deep. Toro Safari Lodge come to my rescue with it's affordable chalet, game drive and boat cruise. I just wish that Botswana's Tourism board really looks into making travelling within the country affortable to the common man who wants to see his/her own country. It can't be good that the people who get to enjoy this beautiful country are the ones that come from the west and the few that are rich here.

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