Monday, May 25, 2009

Next month is Father's Day. A celebration for Fathers who actually take the time to raise their children. Here in Botswana we live in a society of Fatherless children. I think only 1% of dads actually parent while the rest just sire them.

When I think of Father's Day, I'm reminded of Jay-z's lyrics in his song 'Brooklyn (Go Hard)' ft Santogold, where he wrote: fatherless child, mama pulled double shifts; The sun don't come out for many, like Annie half orphan, mama never had an abortion papa sorta did, still I managed to live.

I grew up with an absent father who only appeared when he remembered he had children and it wasn't that often. And now my niece will have the same life. Of wondering why her father can't be there for her. Give her love, encouragement and a sense of knowing who her father is.

I know that my lack of love life due to trust issues goes back to my fatherless childhood. I know I can't put all the blame on my poor deceased father but it does start with him. He wasn't trustworthy. He didn't make me feel that I deserved a love of a man cause he didn't love me enough to stay. I wonder what needs to be done to stop this fatherless society? What makes men run when the women don't? I think that the debate that needs to be done during this month of Father's Day but to also give a hand of applause to the men who do stay and be fathers.

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