Friday, May 30, 2008

It has been along time and I have neglected blogging. But then I was employed then and now I have free time again.

It's 2008, well six months into it and it's a year that is full of unrest. Here in Southern Africa and other parts of the world. Everything has gone up; fuel, food and transport. You tend to wonder how this year is going to end. Good or bad?

So far I'm counting til it ends man. A friend of mine once had a bad month where everything seemed to go bad and it seems that that is happening to me but instead it being a month it's a whole bloody year.

Well, the only way is to hold my head up and hope not to drown.

But musically, it has been a good year. Usher is telling us to make love in the club and Lil' Wayne is advocating lollipops. Britney seems to be 'making a comeback' (still don't know if that is good or not) and David Cook won American Idols 2008.

Let us take this 2008 journey together.

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