Monday, February 26, 2007

Boy is this guy HOT!
Wentworth Miller is one of the many stars taking part in the gap advert campaign. The campaign is meant to revamp gap in making it more hipper and trendier.
Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton has implied many times in his blog that Wentworth is gay and that he even dated one of Perez's friends. Perez being gay himself has 'outed' many stars in his blog and he has never been wrong.
Wentworth on the other hand has denied the gay rumours in an interview but has said that the rumours do not faze him in any way.
I really would like the rumours to be false for my own self reasons but I think that if he is gay, he really should 'came out' and live life and not hide because you can't please everyone and should live for yourself. But he has been seen around town with a brunette woman so is she a girlfriend? Wentworth never says. To be a celebrity and be secretive is really annoying because we want to KNOW!
Well time will tell, many celebs have caved in and 'come out of the closet', maybe our Miller will do the same.

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