Tuesday, October 17, 2006

In the news it has been stated that the baby that Madonna wants to adopt is in the UK so that the couple and the child could get to bond. The Malawian courts have given Madonna the husband interim adoption.

The first time that the news come out that Madonna wants to adopt an African child they was much debate on the news and on blogs. I have been fascinated by the views given by people locally and internationally. Most importantly is the views given by Africans who have been adopted by westerners. Most of the views haven't been good. The one I have most interesting is the one written by Hannah Poole at http://www.guardian.co.uk/comment/story/0,,1888682,00.html in which she received a lot of flack about her comments.

Sure it's all nice and good to say that westerners are saving these children from a life of doom and gloom but are they really? We as humans have to admit that life is not about wealth and luxuries but about our emotions and pschology. Is ok if they save them from poverty but the children grow up to be confused and isolated within themselves?

The whole thing with Madonna has certainly shown me that money does talk. The Malawian government changed their stance on foreigners not being able to adopted Malawian children because it prefers that adoption happen within their country. As soon as they heard that Madonna was going to spend certain amounts of money in the country they did an adrupt turn. Surely the law was there for a good reason? If not why is the country divided and some organisations willing to take the matter to court. Why is it some westerners think they know what's best for Africa and for Africans?

My opinion is that if Madonna really did want the best for child then she would have realised the the best thing was for the child to stay with his father. She could have improved the standard of living for the child and his family by helping them financially or with entrepreneur skills so that they can improve their lives. Why did she think that taking a child from his biological father is the right thing to do?

Is there a system in place that will assure that this child will have a good upbringing emotionally and pschologically? Will they have yearly checkups to see if the child is happy and the family is a good environment for the child? These questions are not only for the Madonna issue but for anyone wanting to take a child away from their country and raise them on foreign soil.

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